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S.A.T. El Ojeado

In S.A.T. EL Ojeado we have completed projects for a total of 832 hectares. The main crops are fruit (peach and apricot), although there are large plantations of olive and almond. Water is obtained through a water well and distributed directly to the irrigation network.

Main data

Area: 832 Hectáreas
Volume: 4.000.000 m3
Crop: Fruit, Olive and Almond trees

Executed projects

Water well of 150m
Submersible pump of 200HP
Filter station: 24 4" units
Hydraulic Infrastructure
Trenches,Main pipes,Valves and hydrometers
Irrigation in plots
Individual filters, fertilization, pipes, dripperlines, sprinklers
Ingesagua, SL
Ingesagua, SL

Ctra. Madrid - Cartagena, Km. 307,5
02400 Hellín (Albacete) Spain

+34 967 307 166