S.A.T. Regadíos Cancarix

To irrigate the irrigable surface of the SAT IRRIGATION CANCARIX wastewater from Hellin (Albacete-Spain) is used. The water undergoes a process of primary, secondary and tertiary full debugging systems including ultrafiltration and ultraviolet radiation which produce a high quality water, whose parameters meet the stringent regulations apply to crops for fresh consumption. Through a GRP 600mm pipe and 25 km in length, is transported to the 1 Hm3 reservoir of the SAT 1 hm3. The area is about 1600 hectares and irrigated crops are mainly vegetables, fruit (peach and cherry), olive and almond trees, and vineyard.

Main data

Area: 1.600 Hectáreas
Volume: 4.600.000 m3
Crop: Vegetables | Fruits | Olive-tree | Almond-tree | Vineyards

Executed projects

Wastewater taking and 800mm GRP pipe to reservoir.


1 hm3 reservoir, HDPE waterproofed

Pumping system: 3 submersible pumps 500HP Filtration station: 24 units Automation (PC and SCADA)
Hydraulic Infrastructure
Trenches Main pipes Valves Hydrometers
Irrigation in plots
Individual filters Fertilization equipments Pipes Dripperlines and sprinklers
Ingesagua, SL
Ingesagua, SL

Ctra. Madrid - Cartagena, Km. 307,5
02400 Hellín (Albacete) Spain

+34 967 307 166