S.A.T. Regadíos La Serna

To irrigate the irrigable surface of the SAT LA SERNA wastewater from La Solana (Ciudad Real-Spain) is used, and leads to the irrigation reservoir. In the water waste water treatment plant, an ultrasonic water meter is installed to remotely control flow rate and accumulated volume. The reservoir was built with land compensation and waterproofing of polyethylene. It allows the irrigation of 1,005 hectares of vineyard.

Main data

Area: 1.005 Hectáreas
Volume: 1.000.000 m3
Crop: Vineyard

Executed projects

Wastewater treatment plant 500mm PVC pipe to reservoir
Reservoir 0,5 hm3 earthwork reservoir waterproofed with hdpe geomembrane
Pumping station: 2 submergibles pumps. 250Hp Filter satation 24x3" Automation (PC and SCADA)
Hydraulic Infrastructure
Trenches Main pipes Valves Hydrometers
Irrigation in plots
Individual filters Fertilization equipments Pipes Dripperlines and sprinklers
Ingesagua, SL
Ingesagua, SL

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02400 Hellín (Albacete) Spain

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