Nizaito canal irrigation area (Dominican Republic)

In the irrigation area of Nizahito Canal we have implemented irrigation systems to irrigate 2600 has of different crops, mainly vegetables. This action was promoted by the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources of the Dominican Republic. Water is obtained in the Channel Nizaito and is lead to different reservoirs located in the irrigation area, and from these reservoir eater is filtered and pressurized to the main piping network of that carry water to different plots for drip irrigation of plantations.

Main data

Area: 2.600 Hectáreas
Volume: 15.500.000 m3
Crop: Vegetables

Executed projects

Canal works and PVC pipes to reservoirs
Reservoir HDPE waterprrofing 200.000m3 each
Pumping and filtration station Automation (PC and SCADA)
Hydraulic Infrastructure
Trenches Main pipes Valves and Hydrometers
Irrigation in plots
Individual filters Fertilization equipments Pipes Dripperlines and sprinklers
Ingesagua, SL
Ingesagua, SL

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