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Water sources

In order to obtain water resources from where they are available, we make projects for extraction of groundwater and surface water. For groundwater extractions water wells are made to reach the depth where the water is. To capture surface water from rivers, channels or reservoirs,works consist in reinforced concrete structures ending in a direct referral to the water distribution pipe. If necessary push the water which is collected, the pumping equipment is installed.
  • Subterranean water extractions

    An hydrogeological study is needed to know the drilling point and the depth to perform. For its implementation, the drilling equipment is placed to reach the place where water is. Finally a submersible pump is installed to raise water and transport it to the appropriate water infrastructure
  • Surface water intakes

    When water is obtained from surface streams, intake consists of the construction of reinforced concrete structures that get water from the main course, performing sizing depending on the water flow to derive. Water goes directly to the pipe system if works under gravity, or to a pumping station if needed
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