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To coordinate the whole water with the demand for crops in certain months, it must exist storage systems in order to regulate and dispose of water volumes when the consumption of crops are above the continuous availability. INGESAGUA S.L. project reservoirs of land, which are waterproofed with HDPE films. We also control the works, to grant stability of the construction.
  • Earthmoving

    The storage is made by earthworks and building dams using the excavated soil, to avoid external supply of land and transport to landfill. It is very important to ensure slope stability, and control the compaction of the embankment layers.
  • Waterproofing

    After the earthworks are finished, it comes the waterproofing to prevent water loss from the soil. First a layer of geotextile extends to ensure protection of the sheet and then waterproofing using HDPE geomembranes is installed. The HDPE material is recommended for its durability and resistance to solar radiation
  • Drainage

    In addition to major earthmoving works and waterproofing are made other minor designs but essential. Prior to impermebilización, drainage systems are installed using corrugated pipe in the bottom of the reservoir, to evacuate water in case of HDPE geomembrane breaks.
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