High and low-voltage electrifications

For operation of electromechanical equipment for supplying pressurized water, and other power and lighting needs, is often necessary the installation of high voltage lines to distribute power to the area of ​​operation. And in any case it is essential to the realization of low-voltage installations for connection of equipment. In INGESAGUA S.L we calculate and meka the necessary projects for the electrical installations needed for water supply
  • High voltage electrifications

    The high voltage lines take electricity from existing distribution networks, and transport it to the main irrigation structures, and transformer stations convert the voltage required for the operation of electrical equipment. Are projected both aerially on surface, as buried in trench.
  • Low voltage electrifications

    Once electrical power is available in low voltage, it proceeds to calculate the electrical lines and protections to connect the pumps and electrical devices needed. For the supply of pressurized water, electric panels with inverters that command pumping stations are installed
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